Our Story

We're a group of morons in Austin, TX that wanted to take a stupid idea, that by the way took way more work than we anticipated, and bring it to the world.

We all had 9 - 5 jobs and hated them, so during one of our bitching sessions at lunch one of us opened up a fortune cookie and started making fun of the "inspirational" message it had inside. Then me, being the genius I am, said, "What if instead of it saying some dumb bullshit, the message was funny and offensive?"

So WHAM! We impulsively created this company with zero research. Like, I can't even tell you how little thought went into making this...at first. Then the creative juices started flowing and we figured it out. And by creative juices I mean rent.

We probably won't become rich by doing this, but it's fun.

What do we want to accomplish by doing this? Well, we hope you send the most savage messages to people. Send them to your boss or your ex HAHAHA, can you imagine? Oh my god. Well, anyways, if you're still reading this use coupon code 'JAMESNEVERGETSLAID' and get 11% off your first order. F*ck you, James.

Love you like a headache, bye 💖