Offensive Bag!

Offensive Bag!

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(6) Fortune Cookies with Random Offensive Messages [NSFW]

This mystery fortune cookie bag is the best gag gift you can give. Give them to someone you love...or hate! From your asshole boss to your best friend, this is the best way to get the funniest reaction so you can record it and post it online!

What messages are inside? 

We won't tell you which f*cked up messages are inside the cookies, just know they're really offensive ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Don't worry, we know you're a lazy piece of shit so just follow these steps:

      1. Think of someone you want to prank.
      2. Give us their name and address.
      3. Proceed to checkout!
      BEWARE: Not meant for little bitches who can't take a joke.